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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 17, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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happy father toe day to all of you dadded. we're so thankful for you and hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day. thank you for being part of "the real story." here's gregg jarrett in for shepard myth to you. -mith today. >> as the crazed killer sprayed bullets through the nightclub there's word he actually apologiesed to text his wife. his final words to his widow as we wait to see whether she faces criminal charges. then, the political press calling it the most organized effort so far to stand the donald trump train in its tracks. inside the plan that could be the last stand for never trump. plus, russia's president, vladimir putin, says there's only one super power in all the world and you might be stunned to learn which the which nation he named -- which nation he named. all ahead this hour. >> hello, i'm gregg jarrett in
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for shep. the terrorist in the massacre in orlando texted his wife during the killing spree and asked whether she had seen reports of the attack. that's what a law enforcement source close to the investigation is tellingvñ?ñ?ñ?x news and nbc news reporting that the couple began exchanging text messages after the killer's mother called the wife asking where he was. nbc reports the wife texted, quote, where are you? the killer responded: do you see what is happening? the wife replied: no. the husband wrote: i love you, babe. the federal law enforcement source has told fox news the wife knew about her husband's plans in advance, but she never reported him to anyone, even the police. so far the feds have refused to say whether she might face any criminal charges. we're also learning of another early warning in this case about the killer him. the own ore of gun store says a worker there reported the suspect to the fbi weeks before the massacre.
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we have not received confirmation of that from the fenn but the owner is saying the employee refused to sell the gunman bulk ammunition after he asked about high-end body armor and made a telephone call in a foreign language and says he worker did not get the terrorist's name. >> the guy made the right decision at the time. i'm not selling him anything. but didn't matter. as soon as he said didn't have the bulk ammo he walked out the door. so there was not another opportunity to put it together and try to collect more data who he was and what he was really looking for. those were the only two questions he asked and he was out of here. >> the opener says there was surveillance videotape of the killer but from a low-quality camera and the video isn't very clear. in the meantime, law enforcement officials telling cbs news that un store that q worker indeed contacted police. phil keating is live in fort
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pierce, florida, where the gunman lives. >> reporter: as they say, timing is everything. especially when it comes to real case when the timing involved the worst mass murder in terrorist attack in modern history, well, that has a lot of people suddenly now scratching their heads and thinking this is potentially suspicious. raising more questions about what omar mateen's extended family may or may not have known before hand. in april, mateen -- remember, a 29-year-old security guard with a wife and three-year-old son -- initiated what is called a quick deed transfer to his sister and brother-in-law, giving away his ownership in a house to them for ten dollars. we went to that house on wednesday, near port st. lieu sis and this is the house. when we knocked on the door that brother-in-law answered but as soon as he noticed our camera and noticed it was recording
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him, that was it. tip chris cheese quick deed transfers according to the clerk of courts here in st. lucie county, basically from an older parent or a wealthy sibling handing it over to a not so wealthy sibling. 29-year-old omar mateen was far from the wealthy man. gregg? >> well, phil, what's this other story all about, a woman coming forward, claiming mateen stalked her? >> reporter: her name is heather lasalle and ten year ago she was a bartender here in fort pierce and since the massacre sunday we have heard so many people come forward that mateen was weird, socially awkward, hot-headed, racist, homophobic, closet gay mon. the bartender says mateen started coming into the bar and then started coming some more and kept coming, hitting on her, thea they became facebook friend but she said it became so awkward, the facebook messages
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he was send something and sowen comfortable she blocked him but says he stalked her but she never did file any criminal complaint with the local police about it. as for the widow of the killer, noor salman, remains in hiding but presumably in contact or in a way to be contacted by the feds if in fact they ever are '(@ygrhnc4o;
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he sent a warning to donald trump in the wake of many things he has said in recent weeks about the aftermath of the orlando shooting, banning certain groups, immigration of certain groups of people from certain countries, about the judge who is overseeing litigation in the trump university case. ryan telling the huffington post there is a limit to what he is willing to accept from trump. republicans' standard bearer or
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not. >> nothing is a blank check. you never give anybody for any anything -- ah!lank chthk. so i don't know what that line it but right now i want to make sure we win the white house. >> reporter: the rnc is trying to reply down reports of discord within the ranks of the republican partiment the chairman reince priebus is for three fundraisers which the rnc says are exceeding expectations. and everything is a-okay. >> it's no secret that some on the g.o.p. are telling trump to tamp down the inflammatory rhetoric. its he toning it down at all, john? >> reporter: well, he did at least last night and might have been the occasion of the one year anniversary of his campaign, the setting there, at gilley's in dallas but refrained some of the thinks. in mention over muslim ban last night which is a contention with many in the republican party. he did hammer the obama
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administration and by association, hillary clinton, for pursuing policies that donald trump says are based on political correctness that are making this country less safe. >> you saw what one sleazebag can do. one sleazebag over the weekend, what he did. the horror he wreaked on us as a nation. laughing as his shooting, doing facebook posts, calling people as he is shooting, andng people and no more, folks. >> reporter: as he has in many other cities, donald trump drew his fair share of protesters in dallas last night hundreds came out to compress their displeasure with him. the dallas police department was ready with more officers than they had in a place like, san jose. they kept things fairly contained for a while but later on the protesters marched outside of the cordoned area and there were some direct
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confrontation with supporters and one local newspaper reporter was cold cocked with a rock in the center of his forehead. the injury was severe, a deep gash. he had blood all over his face and got treatment from thesome ems folks on the scene and then back at work so kudos for him for getting back into the fray and playing injured. >> getting dangerous out there. thank you. in the meantime, bernie sanders is still running for president. he made a big speech to supporters last night, more a week after hillary clinton became the presumptive nominee, and sanders did not drop out. he has not
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welcome back. hillary clinton widening her lead over donald trump. that according to the most recent real clear politics average of polls in the national surveys. take a look at this graphic. shows the polling over the last 30 days. you can see trump had a slight advantage over clinton in the middle of may, and then look at that. his numbers began to fall. but of course we still have months to go before voters head to the polls. let's bring in "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace good to see you. it looks like instead of clinton gaping, it's trump that's been faltering over the course of the last three to four weeks. does that seem right to you? >> yeah. i just was looking at the graphic there and it certainly does seem to be that. what is so interesting is when he basically took the lead or was in a dead heat with clinton
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was right after indiana, when everybody dropped out of the race and he solidified the support of the republican party. and in effect became the presumptive nominee and at that point with the unified support of the republican party he was in a dead heat but what happened in those days and weeks sense then? you have gotten trump particularly his very controversial statements about that judge handling the two trump university cases in california, and the question as to whether the fact he was a mexican heritage meant that -- a conflict of interest. also now had his reaction after orlando where he raised questions about whether or not president obama somehow was sympathetic to terrorists. and all of that, in addition the continued calling out by the republican party you just referred to with john rocks and his statement he might have to run apart and aside from the republican party. so, it really seems as if an awful lot of it has not been
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clinton hurting trump but trump hurting himself. >> if you don't mind electricity me throw a couple more poll inside your direction. i think they're very revealing. they talk about the negatives. clinton's unfavorable rating is at its highest at 55% and that's bad but nothing compared with trump, 70% unfavorable. and then among independents, same sort of thing, chris. 68% sprue trump unfavorably and uxoçqps80dçin the to women and trump does even worse among women. an astonishing 77% view him unfavorably. what is notable in all these polls, trump's negatives have grown substantially worst than which dovetails with the mistakes he may have made. >> you in the, trump seems to be mistaking the republican electorate for the general
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electorate. the fact is that in all of those primaries, only 10% of eligible voters voted in all of the republican primaries, trump got about between 40% and 50%. let's say 50%. so he got five percent, half of the 10 percent -- five percent of the john electorate supported him in the primaries but he is going face ten times that in the general election. and so he's got a dramatically increase his support among a much broader electorate if he's going to win the president? i november and at this point he is turning the voters off. what you're looking at there is not republican voters but the general electorate, among them, among women, among independents, among the general population, you see these sky-high unprecedented unfavorable numbers. he has to find a way to bring those down. >> and winning male -- white males -- that's not enough to carry the day, is it?
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>> no. first of all there are more women voters than men voters. you also have the vastly increasing voters of color, especially hispanics, that fastest growing voting pro can in america and -- bloc and his numbers terrible. 70% unfavorable. so he has to fine some dramatic way to expand his brand, expand his appeal beyond the people, and there is a base that supports him but he has to geton that base if he is going to have a chance among a much broader elect forat in november. >> -- elect forat in november. >> chris wallace, thank you for your insight. tune in this weekend. "fox news sunday," chris will be talking to the attorney general, loretta litsch, about the gun control battle on capitol hill after the orlando massacre, and always talking to corey lewandoski, trump's campaign manager and his remarks about
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they warned disney and disney ignored them. that's what some employees the theme park are report evidently saying now after an alligator killed a two-year-old boy. one worker telling the "orlando sentinel" newspaper disney execs knew that alligators posed a threat at their resorts but didn't do enough to protect the people there. and another staffer telling the web site, the wrap, that animals got so close the guests were actually feeding them. on tuesday night, a gator grabbed a tad her as he was
12:25 pm
wading in shallow water on a beach across from the magic kingdom. police say the boy's father tried to save him but it was too late. the next day divers recovered the body of two-year-old lane graves, not far from where the alligator snatched him. his parents say they are devastated. disney does have "no swimming" signs posted but executives say they'll now be adding other specific warnings about alligators and they plan to review, quote, all of their processes and protocols. what kind of legal trouble is the theme park facing? because of the boy's death? joining me now, whitney bowen. good to see you. clearly a wrongful death lawsuit could be filed by the family. isn't it true that if disney was warned of a dangerous condition, and they failed to protect their patrons from that dangerous condition, that is substantially proof of negligence? >> absolutely. and we're hearing it all over
12:26 pm
the internet now. they're videos popping up that show alligators on land, in the water, but all over disney property. you have all these reports of people who have told disney, listen, my child, my five-year-old child was being chased been alligator and disney act based upon the notice they had is very likely to cause them to be liable here. >> whitney, negligence is the failure to exercise ordinary reasonable care. is it ever reasonable, under any circumstances, to put alligators beings? isn't that just per se negligence? >> no. i wouldn't say that. i'm a native floridian here, and it's not unexpected that there would be alligators in any body of water in florida. what is surprising about this to me is more the way that disney is based on this concept and this image of, safety, and
12:27 pm
family friendliness, and so there was inadequate warnings in place for the guests where they have bungalows on the recommending of this lake, where you're invited -- a small child would easily feel like they would be safe and apparently think they would be safe to get in the water. >> these people were from nebraska. you're florida yap, you know alligators -- >> i know. they don't. >> most of the guests there in disney world and all their other rye sorts and hotels, they're from out of state. they don't know alligators from -- >> they're from around the world. >> so, doesn't that require a greater emphasis on the part of disney to put specific signs there say "alligators" or, don't even have a beach that invites people to get near the water there should be no beach that is inviting. attractive nuisance, isn't it? >> exactly. that's exactly the words i would
12:28 pm
use. i think they were set up in way where no person reason my would expect -- even someone from florida arguably, that they didn't have control over that situation, if they're going to make it available to you like that, that you can just wonder into a shallow area of water and that's a normal activity on that beach. they have a higher duty of care to these people than they provided. and it is a tragedy this happened. i think that they will most likely settle but if not, they're looking at a very high amount of damages being found bay jury in a trial. >> and then they'd be self-insured for all we know or self-insured up to a point and then they have an umbrella policy but time to get out the checkbook and make this good away and do the right thing to compensate the family, and money can never fully compensate somebody with a tremendous loss like this.
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i'm lea gabrielle with a a fox report. investigators say they have recovered the flight data recorder from the egyptair plane
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like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at seems like russian president vladimir putin is admitting his country does not stack up against the united states. today putin said america is the only true super power in the world and he accepts it and that russia does not need a new cold war. of course, tenths between -- tensions between our nations building-especially when russia invaded part of ukraine and then claimed it as it own. putin also said he is ready to work with whoever wins the white house in november. he seemed to hedge his bets who that might be. and remember, a few months bag putin said donald trump was talented and an absolute leader,
12:35 pm
well today vlad insisted he only called trump flamboyant and denied offering him any operates and said he never worked with hillary clinton personally but he had a warm relationship with her husband, bill clinton. putin is weighing in on the doping scandal ahead of the summer olympics in rio. track and field's worldwide governing body upheld a ban on russia's team. putin says it's not fair the entire team is getting punished because some of the athletes were cheating in the past. dozens of state department tip polites criticizing the obama administration over the civil war in sarah. the -- syria. "the new york times" reporting 51 officials signed an internal memo calling for more aggressive military action, including targeted airstrikes against government forces in syria. according to the times, the memo states, quote, they status quo in syria will continue to present increasingly disaster yours humanitarian, diploma and
12:36 pm
challenges and the enemy jose al-assad keeps using barrel bombs against this own people, and that is, quote, the root cause of instability in the region. secretary of state john kerry calling the memo an important statement. the secretary helped negotiate that cease fire in syria this year. never really taken hold. the white house is giving military assistants to some of the rebel groups fighting assad because says it performs diplomacy over direct military action, and russia has been a major supporter or the syrian dictator, u.s. officials telling fox news yesterday russian jets boomed a group of cia trained nicolas burns join us us. 15 state department diplomats agreed and angry over president obama's approach to syria. how unusual is that? dot is demonstrat frustration
12:37 pm
and intention over obama? diplomats in the state department to exercise dissent and to tell the department leadership when they think something is wrong. there's a channel for that. unfortunately this was leaked to "the new york times." it explains that this is one of the most difficult issues facing the united states and our foreign policy. you see that on the campaign trail in the obama administration's deliberations do we go into syria with enough weight to send military assistance to rebel groups, do we try to edge out the russians and the syrian government and use our muscle to do that, or stand aside?dañ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ president obama has stood aside, and that's not the traditional position of the united states. >> as we said in the intro, bashar al-assad repeatedly violates the cease fire. won't good to the negotiating table in earnest. so maybe the only option is to bomb him and his government forces. might that actually work? >> well, think we should have used military force, airstrikes,
12:38 pm
not american ground troops to take out assad's air force, do substantial damage. what assad is doing, he is spending these big barrel bombs. a big cluster bomb, into civilian areas. he is killing civilians. dragging them -- driving them out there. are 7 million syrians homeless because of what assad is doing. we have to take some responsibility on a humanitarian basis to help those people. >> if we were to engage in, as you point out, tactical military strikes, not troops on the ground, and put assad out of business, wouldn't they syrian forces fighting assad then turn their attention to fighting isis? >> hard to know. it's hard to know what's going to happen. this condition tariff has been blown apart by this war and there's four of fire big factions ralphing for power. one thing is we have to be careful that we separate what we do against assad from the russians. we don't want to been the russian air force or create a crisis with russia. this is a difficult problem. not easy. for president obama.
12:39 pm
>> how unusual is it for secretary kerry to be at odds with president obama over this? he reportedly has been urging, also very indicating, stronger action than the president has been taking. >> i wouldn't knee about that. what i do know is that secretary kerry has been focused on diplomacy and the russians have all. they say they want diplomats but fail to negotiate. >> it's going nowhere and only getting worse. tens of thousands of syrians are dying. something in america's policy need to change? >> this is what i've been standing for. i have been speaking publicly more. think we should set up safe haven, covered by no flight zones. on the syrian turkish border and the syrian jordanian bored so we can save civilian lives. we can do thistive turkey, a traditional american role, not putting substantial american forces on theground.
12:40 pm
but we have a responsibility as a great power to help people and we should exercise that. >> ambassador burns do -- good to see you. iraqi special fors has taken back part fallujah. that according to u.s. defense secretary ash carter who says the iraqis still have a whole lot of fighting to do. you may recall that fallujah saw heavy fighting during the war in iraq and has become a key city in the battle against isis an iraqi military official says his troops have pounder into the -- pushed into the center of fallujah and control 80% of it. they retook the city several weeks ago. aid groups report 50,000 civilians were trapped inside the city but as isis fighters began abandonnen posts the "associated press" reports crowds of people escaped with some jumping into the euphrates river. true resilience on full display this week at the annual warrior games. the athletes are all service
12:41 pm
members and veterans wounded as the result of their sacrifice they made for our country. around 250 of them competing in everything from track and volleyball to wheelchair basketball. they say it's about much more than mere medals. rick leventhal is where the warrior games are being held. >> reporter: some of the wounds warriors tell us that adaptive supports saved their lives. they were in their prime when they're suffered several year illnesses or one ofs or injuries while in uniform, serving their nation, and then had to struggle to deal with the new normal and then found extra motivation for their rehabilitation through athletic competitions like this win. we wanted to share one more remarkable story of one of them with you. >> i'm u.s. army staff sergeant retired ryan major, and i will
12:42 pm
, true athlete, to losing my legs. then i started to get into sports. and i can see the light very dim, but as i push forward it got brighter. and eventually i was able to touch the light and it's been
12:43 pm
charge the hill ever since. >> reporter: this is unconfirmed but a reliable source toll told me that ryan won six medals at track and field yesterday, including two golds in shot and discus and will compete this weekend in cycling and swimming. >> what a wonderful set of games. rick leventhal, thank you. just ahead, word of a final attempt from republicans to block donald trump from becoming their party's nominee. you'll hear what they're planning from the reporter who broke the story just hours ago.
12:44 pm
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12:46 pm
some republicans are reportedly setting the stage for what could be their last stand against their party's presumptive presidential nominee. the "washington post" reporting that dozens of g.o.p. delegates are now working on a plan to block donald trump at the party meetings, just before the convention in cleveland.
12:47 pm
the post calls it the most organized effort so far to stop trump from heading into november as the party's nominee. one delegate from utah telling literally is an anybody but trump movement. ed o'keefe joins us now. he broke the story. who are this gees and they're angry -- what are aangry about? >> these are actual delegates elected to go to cleveland and sit in the audience and make the decisions of the republican party. people like kendall unruh in colorado, people like a guy named cecil in iowa. concern that the current presumptive nominees perhaps a bit unsufficiently conservative and looking for somebody else. don't have anyone specifically in mind but believe the
12:48 pm
republican delegates should be able to vote their?zñ?ñ?ñ?ñ? coe instead of voting from the result of their state. >> tear angry on the comments on gun control, the attack on the federal judge, the sinking poll numbers. but in order to unbind the delegates it would take a majority of the rules committee, and then you have to have a majority of the -- of all of the delegates at the convention. what's the likely had of that happening? >> we'll see. we won't really know until july 14th and 15th when the convention rules committee meets at the convention center, and the entire body decides. all they will need in the rules committee is 56 republicans, half of the rules commit year, across the country, and then have to take it to the bigger group. what makes this group different, gregg -- this is why i'm sure the -- this one is organized by
12:49 pm
the people who will be the only ones that can actually do something, and who will be the only ones formally nominate whoever the party's pick is. this is not driven by guys like eric ericson or bill crystal or hugh hewitt who have been pining, we have to do something. these are the people who can actually do something. they have found each other and they're trying to see if there's enough support to do it. >> trump dismisses this saying there's no mechanism for this. well, he is wrong. there is a mechanism. called the rules committee. right? >> yep. exactly. not only -- well, yeah. because if there's enough support the delegates could put forthan alternative plan. there's some different interpretations what the rules of the convention are.
12:50 pm
friday. he said house runs, quote, should follow their conscience on whether to support trump. ed, that could really help this group of delegates who want to dump trump. right? >> it could. he is speaking specifically in this interview with "meet the press" about house republican lawmakers, not about republicans overall, but his comments and the use of the word conscious will be seen as helpful to those trying to do something since they are trying to pass a conscience clause. >> of course, some of those house lawmakers are delegate as well. >> exactly. >> great story. ed o'keefe, thank you for being with us. >> take care. >> investigators working through a complex crime scene at the pulse nightclub in orlando.
12:51 pm
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call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. the terror attack in orlando left behind an incredibly complex crime escape for investigators and attacks like that one are apparently changing the way the fbi agents react to terrorist strikes. catherine herridge got an exclusive look at a training cierreow less than a week before the shooting at the pulse nightclub in orlando and is live in washington with that. >> reporter: less than a week before the pulse nightclub attack, fox news imbed with fbi evidence response team where the we saw
12:55 pm
in 2013 with the boston marathon attack to close quarter contact with the assault weapons like the san bernardino shooting and now, sadly, orlando. >> the biggest change in the last few years hasn't been focused on bombing fair amount of experience on bombing scenes. i think that the concept of the active shooter type terrorist scenarios has been a game-changer. >> reporter: inside the pulse nightclub, fbi response teams very much like the training scenario are building a timeline and they tag and videotape all of the evidence to understand where every shot was fired and in what sequence so they can build a legal case. >> it's easy to pick up a piece of evidence to collect it. but to pick up a piece offed and collect it in a defensem'ñ?ñ?ñ?r that you know you can get it into court to engage in prosecutions against the subjects, that's a whole other
12:56 pm
story. >> reporter: not just the physical evidence. the teams and this is one of the new impair takes -- imperatives, -- gathering until from cell phones to disrupt any followup attacks. the response teams used to do one overseas trip a year but with paris and brussels now they're averaging at least half a dozen. >> all right. catherine herridge, thank you very much. >> we'll back in just a moment with a look at when one of the most famous monuments on the planet arrived in the united states, though some assembly was required and it happened on this day in history. stick around for that. hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee!
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1:00 pm
and firm. latey liberty arrived on u.s. shores 131 days ago in separate required. i'm gregg jarrett in for shep. "your world" is next. >> fbi chief james comey in orlando as the investigation into the terror attack at the pulse nightclub continues. welcome. i'm in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." a gunshop ownes says he tried to warp the fbi at omar mateen's activities weeks before the massacre and now reports that mateen, who had been on the fbi watch list, was watching videos of isis beheadings and propaganda on his electronic devices. the investigation is centeredded on mateen and his